The biggest question I ask myself is what if?
What if?
Everyone asks themselves what if I did this what if I did that. We all spend all night thinking about these different scenarios that could have happened. Or we think ahead about a conversation and think about the outcome in our heads.

I have had so many different occasions where I still think what if?
What if I gave that guy my number?
What if I never got mad?
What if I got mad?

I am sure that you can all relate. A specific moment I ask myself what if is when I am still curious or when I think about a friend that is not my friend anymore. I literally stay up all night thinking about different ways out of a situation or different ways that situation could have been just different. I ask myself what if I did something wrong? I wonder what if they just hate me? What if I change myself and the way I am for others?

I want to tell you that these questions will always be there. These thoughts will always be there. But you should not think about it. If something happened then there is a reason it happened. If you are not friends it is not your fault and do not question it. It was them and you do not need them in your life anymore. DO NOT worry or stress about these questions because everything occurs the way it should.

Well, this was a small article and just wanted to share my thoughts,

I want to know what occasions got you asking what if?
Tell me why you ask what if?

Thank you for reading.