stressful moment in our life, isn't it? this tips will help you survive this hell of a week.

study hard
use your notes to create attractive and colorful study guides. this will help refreshen your memory as well as to be attracted to your notes.

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attend reviews
most of the times teachers reveal important information asked in exams.

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take it easy
don't stress too much, it will block your mind. have breaks in between study times, meditate, sleep, and eat proper food to be ready for this week.

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ask for help
use your friends for support to expand your knowledge. work together, there may be certain things that your friend remembers while you don´t.

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stay focused
put away your electronic devices, dedicate your time for you to properly memorize the topics.

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organize your time
set equal times dedicated to studying for each class and stick to it.

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quiz your knowledge
use flashcard applications, quizlet, or anytoher resource to test your knowledge

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and good luck, hope you all do well!
have a nice day,