Hi! I legit have hair like down to my ass crack lmfao and it took me trial and error time and time again to get here. Now this will be pretty long and in depth so beware. First things first; you can't get long hair or fixed damage hair in two damn weeks. It can take time. Half of my family is native american and they all, including me, have VERY thick hair. Today i wanna tell y'all how to take proper care of your hair.

song recommendation- Expectations, Lauren Jauregui

in early 2017, around march my hair was like barely under my boobs and i was washing it every day with tresemme shampoo & conditioner. It wasn't very healthy. I have sort of straight hair naturally so i've never used much heat on it. I've also never dyed it. I was looking at it in the mirror and just so badly wanted it to be longer. My hair grows pretty fast and i knew that so i started researching on how to make it healthier and by january of this year it was past my belly button

I got 2 inches cut off my hair because your hair grows from your roots and to let it grow more i knew i need to cut some off.You DON'T have to cut two inches off! It can be less. I HATED it but it was an important part.
I researched things to make it grow and got a bunch of diet shit at first which i'm vegan and had no interest in doing those things. Then i saw a thing called "mane n' tail" and it apparently helped grow your hair faster and healthier. I didn't believe it but decided to try it. It said to give it time to work so i decided to do 2 and a half months. tbh I was shocked. By the end of may it had grown close to 3 inches.Which before my hair had been the same dead ugly length for almost 2 years. so i got my two inches back and one more. I kept using this till march of this year so a whole damn year i used it.
I also read that coconut oil was really good for your hair and had many benefits. My nonna also always raved about it so i tried it. Idk how much it helped with growth but i helped with strengthening and moisture.

MARCH 2018-
around this time my hair was still at my belly button, just a little fyi. I saw an article called something along the lines of "worst things for your hair" and decided to read it. I found out how bad sulfates were. For those who don;t know sulfates are what strips your hair of it's natural oils. I looked at my shampoo and and saw that it had sulfate in it. I went back to the article and got to the conditioner section and saw that silicone was bad for your hair and was in almost every conditioner. I looked at my conditioner and saw that it of course had that in it. i'm not good at explaining about the silicone so i advise you to just look it up. I decided to switch shampoo and conditioner and found some that works AMAZINGLY!

first of all, i brush my hair before i get into the shower. that is important!
STEP 1 Wet ur hair with lukewarm or cold water ( what i use) and take your shampoo, and pour however much caters to YOUR hair. The shampoo i use is "EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Moisturizing Shampoo" and it's sulfate free and paraben free. I never get frizz and it actually properly cleans and repairs my hair. I don't "scrub" it i more so just rub it back over my hair if that makes sense?

STEP 2 for conditioner i use "OGX Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Extra Strength Conditioner" which i adore. It's silicone free and keeps my hair smooth. I let it sit for two minutes then rinse with cold water. I only use it from two inches under my ear down to the ends. Also, don't put shampoo on your ends only your scalp!

STEP 3 When i get out of the shower i usually towel dry my hair or use a t shirt. It usually takes an hour and a half sometimes more to get my hair damp enough to where i wanna put my coconut oil in! I usually just simply use "BRANDLESS Organic Virgin Coconut Oil" Any kind will work!

Ok down below i will list EVERYTHING i use in order, where i personally purchase it and the prices!
-Wet Brush Flex Dry Brush, Ulta. $6.97
-EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Moisturizing Shampoo, Amazon $9.00. (I think it's available at walmart and target but im not sure!)
- OGX Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Extra Strength Conditioner,At both Amazon & Walmart for $6.97
-Coconut Oil literally anywhere at any price
If you have any questions please feel free to message me here! Or on Instagram @ thelighhtiscomin and on twitter @ pinkchampagnec !!