What exactly is a perfect family? Is that you are on the top of the world, you are the smartest and most successful in the family? Do you have a mom that helps you cook and take care of you deeply, having those bonding sessions with her from time to time? Or have a dad that helps you do work, someone that introduces you to different kinds of music or sports? And you are perfect, the perfect daughter that is feminine, a daughter that is caring and loving to their own parents, a daughter that would offer help to organise events for family gatherings? Or the perfect son, that has everything going for you. A son that is good at sports, a good set of grades, very reputable, and a perfect future set out for you.
I disagree and I don't like the typical stereotypes or mindset set to be a someone who you are not. I'm not the perfect daughter and I know it. I can never be daddy's girl, dressing nicely all the time, always put the best set of a face out in the open. There is no such thing as a perfect family, nothing is perfect and it is okay. I suffer from quite a few family problems that really hurt me deeply. But as a family, that is how you are supposed to learn and push yourself forward. Your parents might say something that is way out of line due to their emotions and frustrations. But I've learnt to simply ignore the insults and move on. Sure it is confusing and hurtful, but that is life. You have to move forward that obstacle and promise yourself not to set an example like them. You have the right to be mad, you have the right to be sad, the right to be different because we are all humans and different individuals. If not, we would be robots in society, having the same mindset and morals, which would cause huge uproars and depressing events.
Maybe one day, I will fully accept that my parents will need to take their time to accept who I am. Parents take a longer time to accept that you are growing up, that their baby is really becoming an adult, having their personality, their own ups and downs, their own characters. Sure they would try to invest things that they couldn't fulfil when they were young into you, but they have to know that the society is changing. And I really wish I could tell them about it. I understand their point of views on some things, but I can't fully agree with their understandings. But it is your job as their child to remind how grateful you are for them, for providing many materials for you, for teaching you how to grow stronger and wiser. It is a painful path, and I apologise for the things you have experienced in the past. I love you and I love them. You will move on and stay strong and survive. Whatever you are enduring through, you got this.