I get attached to people,
But I don't want to show it.
I know how to swim
But I drown in my own thoughts.
I know how to write,
But my hands refuse to submit.
I get compliments
But all I hear are the taunts.
I know how to plant a seed,
But I can't help it survive.
I can keep my fingers crossed all I want,
But misery won't let me thrive.

I have thick skin
But it tears apart with the slightest prick.
It's been a while since I fell from cloud 9
But I haven't reached the ground yet.
I try to stay strong,
But deep inside I'm terrified.

Please don't leave me now,
I've got so much to say
But I haven't uttered a word just yet.
Please help me face these emotions
That I barely understand.
Please don't leave me now,
I'm afraid I'll break.