Hey everyone, Since the year is almost over i figured i would make an article about all the things i learned in 2018 i hope you guys enjoy!

1| Always trust you gut

Always trust your gut because 10/10 your going to be right. You heard the voices in the back of your head telling you not to do it but you didn't want to listen. In the long run will get the consequences from not following your gut so make sure you follow it.

2| You can't change people

People must be willing to change you cant make them change. Don't waste your time on changing a person you have other things to worry about. Let them do them and you do you and move on with your life.

3| Learn how to forgive

You got to learn how forgive people everyone isn't perfect. People make mistakes but you got to learn to see past them and see them for who they are. Once you learn how to forgive people you will become a happier person.

4| Love yourself

If you can't love yourself then no one else can love you. How can you aspect other people to love you and you can't do it yourself. You got to realize that your a beautiful human being and you got to see that or no one else will.

5| There is going to be brighter days

It may seem bad now but believe in the process it will get better you just got to go threw the trials that god has placed for you. Always keep your head up threw the rainy days because there will be a brighter one tomorrow .

6| Don't care about what others think

Don't worry your whole life wondering about what other people think of you because it doesn't matter. People don't live your life so why should you care about what they say. And you also got to realize is that what other people say doesn't define you, You know yourself so don't let what other say get stuck in your head.

7| Everyone isn't forever

You may think that they are your friend but they really aren't there just there so you can learn from them. Most people you talk to are seasonal people there only gonna be there for a season then they leave. Since you love them doesn't make them forever.