This is my first article. I dont know if im sad or if im happy. Im happy that i get to express myself but sad that i have to. If that makes sense.

So lets start off with me and who i am. I am Aaliyah. I am 5'7, African American, and dreams that are far too big to fit in my tiny little head.
For i am:
African American
African American
For i am black an African american.
For these words do not sit well with me. Not saying i would like to be white of some sort. No or... no
My ancestors were enslaved, my ancestors were discriminated against, my anscestors were disrespected.
I am black
I am african American.
Oppressed, opressed, and opressed we are. Why are we oppressed? Why does everyone hate us? What did we do wrong?
Is it my big lips?
Is it my big hips?
Is it my chocolate skin tone that makes everybody flip?
Why am i hated? Why do you hate me?
For what did i do wrong?
I have learned to hate my big lips and my big hips and my chocolate skin tone that makes everybody flip.
For being black or African American does not sit well with me.
In love with disney since i was a child.
My favorite princess is Cinderella by the way and not tiana.
How unfortunate i suppose.
I look up to demi lovato, ariana grande, selena gomez.
Oh wait there is zendaya!
But she is mixed. Not saying anything is wrong with mixed people. And it doesnt make her any less black i suppose.
But she doesnt have my kinky hair, my full lips, nor my curvy hips.
So yea...
I feel broken. Like glass that cannot be fixed. I hate myself.
I hate myself because i am black, African American.
And that is because of the way we are portrayed. Racial slurs everywhere and what not. We are undermined, disrespected, and looked down upon. We're called ugly and apes and monkeys.
God dammit.
I hate this world for making me hate myself.

Sincerely, Aaliyah