I'm only talking the iconic ones...

- Lets start with my personal ALL TIME FAVORITE (drum roll please)


zac efron, high school musical, and troy bolton image Image removed high school musical, zac efron, and love image high school musical, HSM, and movie image
IF YOU DON'T THINK HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL IS THE BEST I WILL FIGHT U (jkjk but acc how do u not like hsm?????)

Hannah Montana:The Movie

childhood, edit, and guitar image miley cyrus, Taylor Swift, and hannah montana image Taylor Swift image disney, film stills, and hannah montana image
aka the first time I saw Taylor Swift

Lemonade Mouth

bridgit mendler and lemonade mouth image Image removed lemonade mouth image lemonade mouth image


Halloween, twitches, and magic image Halloween, magic, and movie image Halloween, movie, and twitches image Halloween, magic, and movie image

Princess Protection Program

demi lovato, selena gomez, and delena image demi lovato, selena gomez, and lovatic image Image removed selena gomez and demi lovato image

Wizards Of Waverly Place : The Movie

Temporarily removed selena gomez image Image removed david henrie, spam, and wizards of waverly place image


Image by L I V movie and starstruck image sterling knight, starstruck, and christopher wilde image starstruck, love, and disney image

Camp Rock

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed demi lovato, Joe Jonas, and jonas brothers image jonas brothers, Joe Jonas, and kevin jonas image

16 Wishes

disney and 16 wishes image Image removed cameron dallas, shawn mendes, and disney image Temporarily removed

Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

ash, ashley, and ashley tisdale image ashley tisdale, sharpay evans, and disney image Temporarily removed Image removed

Geek Charming

comedy, disney, and movie image Image by Marzenie Image by Marzenie Image by Marzenie

Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!

good luck charlie, family movie, and movie image

We must keep these movies alive...thank you for coming to my ted talk.