I didn't make it in time. They killed Matilda. She just adopted Aria because they killed she's gone too. Poor Aria lost all her parents. Daniel and I will raise Marley and Aria. It's just so fucked up. All of this is so fucked up. Marley's an old soul. She understands the death of her mother. I still feel bad, though.

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second home

Daniel said when Marley grows up she can stay in her house if she chooses to. We'll help her pay the mortgage. We bought two homes. Well, Daniel bought the castle. We saw it first and couldn't help ourselves. The smaller house isn't where we stay most of the time.

Aria is older than Marley, though I know all the kids will catch up eventually. She's such a sweet girl. Not rude or defiant. And she's going through so much.

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"How do you like the new home?" I asked Aria. "The castle?" she smirked. I laughed. "Yeah..the castle," I affirmed. "I love it...I feel like a princess..I still haven't explored all the rooms," she told me. I smiled. "I know I keep saying it, but please make yourself as comfortable and at home as you can. This castle is just as much yours as it is ours. I mean that," I said. I was putting the dishes away and she was sitting at the table in the kitchen. She was previously home schooled, and I decided to continue that with her. Marley learns with us as well. She's an extremely intelligent girl. Somehow she's able to keep up with high school work.

I'm grateful that Aria has warmed up to me so quickly. We've only met a handful amount of times and now Daniel and I are her legal guardians. They have a nice bond as well. He's easy to love.

For her sake, I pray that we are not taken away from her. I want to be the constant in her life.