We all have done things that we later on regretted. That's only natural. No one is perfect. The point is to consider what we did wrong, or what we did and didn't like it, and avoid it in the future. Though how much thinking over those things is enough?
There is a thin line between good enough and too much. What that means is that though it's good to think about and reconsider some things, thinking about them too much is harmful. Why? Because, without knowing it, we are getting stuck and obsessed with things that happened in the past which prevents us from truly living the "now". Not only that, but we are also spending time from our live feeling ashamed for what we did back then. You are giving away our time to make ourselves feel bad for something we've already regretted so many times ever since it happened. We allow your shame and guilt to get the best of us and kneel us to the ground. If this is not depression it can easily lead us there.
So lets sum up. Overthinking of our mistakes offers us;
- a free one way ticket to depression
- a hard time to let ourselves to enjoy liife
All these may look like exaggerations but for some people it’s a fact, a reality..that’s how they actually act. I belong to that kind of people.
Actually there are so many people out there who act like that even for the simplest things. Lets take food as an example. That mostly goes for girls. When we eat a lot, or at least more than we wanted to, we usually feel guilty. That feeling of guilt which is increased as we are thinking of our “mistake”again and again, won’t allow our organism to digest the food correctly. Which automatically causes our tummy to bump. And this is a vicious circle. I spent the last three days feeling guilty and accusing myself for excessively eating due to my period and for skipping gym and practice due to my stomach being full. I was so emotionally low and so full of regrets that I could not “see” joy in anything. All I could see was a girl with a tummy that would remind a woman in the early months of pregnancy.

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I was about to go to my dancing lesson yesterday and I was so anxious about what to wear when the realization came like a strike to my head. I sat down on my bed and thought to myself; “It’s your fucking life and you won’t get a chance for a second one. You got no more time to waste. You think a nice and tight body is appealing and can do all the work but that ‘s no it. Have a cheerful attitude, be happy and it will be way more effective and make you feel way better than you think. Talk to other people, compliment them and you ll see it will come back to you same way. Stop worrying over food, it’s a matter of minor importance. Besides you know the rule;”one fat meal won’t make you fat, one fit meal won’t make you fit”. You know people who may not have the best body in the world but they are so amazing that no one cares about their looks. Most importantly they themselves don’t care about what people will say for them. So...snap out of it girl”.
Readers, if you make that (or something like that) realization to yourselves, I guarantee you a happier, “lighter”, easier life with more self confidence.
For me this realization allowed me to have the best dancing class yesterday after 1 year of dancing. It may sound funny but it was so relieving I could not possibly express it with words. I was determined, relaxed and I didn’t care about my reflection in the mirror. I was living it! I was/am who I was/am I love me!

And you… you should love you too. If not you, then who will do it for you ?

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P.S. Please excuse my English i guess i might have made some mistakes as it's not my native language. I hope you enjoyed it.