hello :) so today i decided to rank all the songs on sweetener, by Ariana Grande


15. Blazed ft. Pharrell

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Seven billion is on the Earth, could've been anywhere, but you're here with me
ok don't get me wrong but when i listened to blazed for the first time, i literally hated it! now i think it's ok, i could listen to it but it's definitely the song that i would skip on this album


14. No Tears Left To Cry

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I just want you to come with me, we're on another mentality
I absolutely loved this record when it came out but i have to admit that i have listened to it WAY too many times that i am kind of tired of it now and i would totally skip it. I still think it is a very good song though


13. Sweetener

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I don't know what I'd do without you in my life, it'd be so sour
just like blazed, i was very disappointed in this song when i listened to the album for the first time, especially since it is the album's title track. It sounded very childish and 2011 Ariana-ish to me but now i think it's a very catchy and fun song (still not my fav though)


12. Raindrops

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When raindrops fell, down from the sky
i have nothing against this song, it's an intro so it's not the kind of song that i listen to on a daily basis. I like the lyrics though and those vocals omg


11. God is a woman

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he sees the universe when in my company
first of all, the giaw music video is hands down the best video of all times. Musically speaking, i absolutely love the melody, the lyrics and the message. The only reason why this song isn't ranked higher is because i guess i've listened to it more than to the rest, so i'm more tired of this song, even though i still think it's a freakin masterpiece at all levels


10. Successful

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Do you like it, babe? Does it give you chills? Does it make you feel cold?
when i first listened to the album, 'successful' was probably the song i hated the most along with 'blazed', i thought it sounded very bouncy but in a bad/childish way. However, this song grew on me over time and now i think it's a super fun song with a great message of which i love the empowering aspect.


9. Borderline

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Once you tastin' my ice cream, I bet you won't ever leave
I had such big expactations before listening to the record since i love missy's work but i was kinda disappointed at the first listen. I started actually linking it very recently : i think the beat is super pleasing to hear and lively. My favorite part is the fact that the lyrics and the vibes of the song are both powerful and badass but also super cute and tender


8. Pete Davidson

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Universe must have my back, fell from the sky into my lap
ok this song is sooo sweet, i'm obsessed with it! the lyrics are beautiful and the melody is heavenly! i really like the song


7. The light is coming

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why do we have chemistry ?
This is, in my opinion, the most underrated song on sweetener. I get the fact that some people find it too repetitive but it definitely doesn't deserve all the hate. I really like the song, the beat is different and reminds me of 'lemon' by nerd, and i'm here for it! i also like the subtle meanings of the lyrics


6. Breathin

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you remind me of the time when things weren't so complicated, all i need is to see your face
this song was my absolute favorite when the album came out. Lyrically, i can relate to this song a lot, like i can hardly listen to this without crying. The lyrics are super deep and easy to relate too which makes me love this song even more. The song is super catchy too. The only reason why i didn't rank the song higher is because i listened to it WAY too many times oops


5. Everytime

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why does god keep bringing me back to you?
Once again, this song lyrics are very relatable and the beat is super catchy and it appeals to me a lot. That's the kind of song you love at the first listen and you don't get tikred of as fast as most songs so 'everytime' clearly is a yes!

4. R.E.M

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excuse me, um .................... i love you
i was a bit scared for this song because i was not convinced by the beyoncé demo and the snippets we got, but i really liked the song when it came out. I was liking it more and more over time and it became one of my absolute favorites ! i'm obsessed with the chill/dreamy vibes of the beat and i think the lyrics are super sweet and hella cute


3. Goodnight n go

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why'd you have to be so cute? It's impossible to ignore you
i fell in love with this song as soon as the album came out. I feel like it's rare to find a song that have both a catchy and pleasing beat, but also very cute and relatable lyrics that are not too cheesy.

2. Better off

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you keep me in your orbit, but i know i'm a hard one to please
this has been my absolute fav for suchhh a long time. I must say that chill-vibes songs are probably the ones i like the most, and better off is definitely one of those. It is completed with lyrics radiating freedom, self-sufficiency and confidence, and i'm living for it!


1. Get well soon

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here's one thing you can trust, it takes you and me to make us
this one's v surprising because i didn't like the song that much when it came out, like it was ok. But i changed my mind when i saw the live performances at the sweetener sessions and now this is 100% my favorite!! i like the beat which is very catchy once again, the lyrics are beautiful and i love the fact that there are 40 seconds dedicated to the mcr victims, which make the song last 5:22 minutes exactly. My favorite part of the song is definitely the refrain!


that's all for this article, i hope you liked it :)
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