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Kinsley has been tortured with nightmares. She screams and screams and it's difficult for her to wake up. I feel so bad for her. I'm not sure what's causing these dreams and she won't explain what's happening in them. She clings to me and won't fall asleep again until I hold her. So this morning, it is cuddle time so my baby can get some rest. Dixie and her are going to be best friends. I can tell already.

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Kinsley + Rhett

Baby Rhett is doing just fine. He's a vampire, but we're not feeding him human blood. Spence and I think animal blood is more humane. Raven helps us with the blood supply. She helps Marnie when she's super hungry, and now she helps us with Rhett.

It's only a matter of days before they are teenagers. I wonder how they'll grow up. I wonder what their personalities will be like. I know I'll spend more time working. Spencer will work on his second book. We're not rushing it, but we're planning ahead. Bittersweet, moments...bittersweet life.