Hey... I don't even know how to start this aha! I'm looking for friend that I can count on. I've tried to make internet friends before but they were never really interested so here I am.. lol

About Me-
My name is Haley but y'all can call me whatever. I'm 15 but my birthday's in like 7 months. I speak English and a little bit of Spanish but it's really bad. I'm really shy at first but I swear I talk a lot to my family but mostly to myself haha. In my free time I watch tv shows, read books, and listen to music. My favorite tv show is The haunting of Hill House which just came out on netflix. Another good tv show I like is Stranger Things. My favorite book I've ever read so far is Cinder by Marissa Meyer. It's about a half cyborg half human girl and her story. I love all kinds of music but my favorite artist is Shawn Mendes. I swear that boy makes my heart melt. He truly is such an amazing person and is my inspiration for everything I am. I'd like an internet friend who's 15-17. I'm fine with any race or religion as long as you're not homophobic, sexist, or racist.

If you're scared to reach out like I am, don't be. We can talk about anything and everything. Any problem, past, dreams, interests, or whatever else. I'm pretty open whenever I get to know a person so I will share lot.