Everybody please ignore the fact that this is the worst title ever.

So, whats going on? I have no fucking clue, my life is a mess in every single way, I mean I feel so lonely nowadays and I hate it but I just have this feeling like no one could ever understand me.
All I want to do is smoke cigarretes and watch Skins till I die.

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Check it out if you are depressed and love drugs . Just kidding kids

For example today when i woke up I didn´t found a single reason to live, I know it sounds depressing but it´s true, I just hate being a teen, I hate my body , I hate my mind and I just hate everything around me. Im insecure about everything and everyone is pushing me away so fast from their lifes that I barely can say bye

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current state of mind

I think I´m depressed.

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