Hello lovelies!

I have decided to write an article. I never thought I'd to that, but.. THE FALL is here! This reason is more than enough for me! Makes no sense? Of course it does!

I hope this article will warm up your autumn evening at least a little!

I'm going to share with you mix of the things I've been in love with recently, or since forever~
And maybe you will find yourself in something here!
So.. let's get started!!

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Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami is currently my favourite author. I highly recommend the book "Norwegian Wood" which is named after the song by The Beatles. You will find a lot of classical and also older rock song references. It is a dark romance and drama.
Another books I have read from him are "Bakery Attack" and "Sleep".
Those are really short and especially the Bakery Attack was very entertaining and fun to me. The book Sleep has an unexpected ending.
If you enjoy thinking about the books you're reading, Murakami's books cannot be missing on your list!

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High heels

I've never wore high heels before, until now! And even now I only wore the short ones 😂 So maybe I should've wrote short-heels....anyway! I always thought high-heels just weren't for me, well.. I was so WRONG. Walking in them made such a difference! It improves the way you walk so you'll look confident asf. Not only it made me look more confident, it made me Feel more confident as well! So now I'm considering buying higher high-heels.. the higher the more confident? Not sure about that 😂 But the short ones feel just perfect to me!

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Love the sea? Check out this site and join the movement! ❤️ https://4ocean.com/

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Autumn Playlist

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Bohemian Rhapsody movie

The movie about the band Queen hit me hard! I highly recommend this movie even to people who aren't their fans. It made me feel so many emotions. And finally made me understand how music actually unites people. Freddie Mercury was such a wonderful soul.

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Snail mail

I just LOVE sending & receiving letters! It always makes my day. I love reading long letters from people and getting to know them. I think when you are really interested in getting to know your pen pal, it can grow into a strong connection and wonderful friendship. It's just not the same as social media. After all, you have to put some effort into it. Writing the letter, sending it, decorating it, thinking about it. It's just something magical to me.

Anyway, I'm always opened to new pen pals! So if you'd like to become pen pals, just hit me up!

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and finally...


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Autumn is just the perfect season for me and November is my month 🍁❤️ I love it for its colourful nature, comfy sweaters, chill evenings with a book and a cup of coffee or tea with that perfect Autumn vibe. 💞
Soon it will be my birthday, I will turn 18. Do I feel depressed? Excited? Quite both. I got the "Birthday stories" picked by Murakami though, which makes it all great. I just wish to spend a peaceful birthday and keep improving myself as I'm getting more mature. I don't really plan on "growing up" completely though.

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Well, that's all for today's evening and probably forever! I'm very happy if you've made it so far and even happier if this put a smile on your face, gave you something new or at least killed your boredom!

Keep on wondering.

- autumnOree