Hey guys, here is a playlist of 5 great songs about sad love. Hope you'll like it 💙

To me, music is the most important thing in the world. It can help going through tough phases, and it also goes with you through really happy moments.. And later, when you'll listen to a special song, you'll remember these moments and see that only music can make you feel the exact same feeling that you felt.

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Ink ~ Coldplay

Let's start with one of my favorite songs haha
When you hear it for the first time, this song seems like a "happy" one despite the traditional Coldplay melancholy. But it is actually a sad song (like, really sad). In the lyrics, you find out that it is about a man who is suffering because the woman he loves is gone. He is literally heartbroken and lost, and you can feel it when Chris says "All I know is that I love you so, so much that it hurts..."

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One ~ Ed Sheeran

"One" is about a man who is in love with someone, but this person is already with someone else. So he tries to move forward but he can't, as you can see int he chorus when Ed says "Promise me you'll always be a friend 'cause you are the only one" : he knows she can only be a friend to him, but still she is the only one.

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I can't go on without you ~ Kaleo

The girl cheated, the man is heartbroken and hates her, but he can't go one without her. This song shows how painful love can be. However, the singer's voice is unique and divine 😍
(By the way, Kaleo is an amazing band so if you don't know them, go check out their music, it is a treasure 🙌)

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She ~ Dodie

In "She", Dodie sings about a girl she finds perfect and who she definitely fell in love with, unfortunately this girl isn't interested in her. So yeah, it is the perfect one-sided love song 😞
The guitar behind is soft and fits perfectly Dodie's beautiful voice. Lastly, it is perfect ⭐️

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Looking too closely ~ Fink

This last one is a little special because it is not about a relationship with someone else, but with yourself. I discovered it in a video about Even and Isak from Skam (best series ever) and I immediately fell in love with it. You can feel some kind of tension, but the guitar and the piano together sound melodious and the beat is also really smooth. The message is strong : don't look too much for the truth, it might be harmful. Here is what the singer said about it : "It is about the relationship you have with yourself. About NOT looking too closely. Sometimes it is best to do it this way to remain positive. You can be obsessed with details. Like everybodies own posession of what they look like in the mirror naked. It's SO different to what they actually look like."
Anyway, great bittersweet song 💙

Thanks for reading!