I have been on WeHeartIt for a few years, and I have been hella active the past few months; however, I haven't really put much about myself personally out there. I haven't put a face to the name so that is what I am going to do.

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Adele Marie


19, will be 20 in February


Long brown hair. It used to go straight down to right above my buttcrack, but I cut it so now it is about the middle of my ribs.


Green eyes and pretty big eyebrows. Big enough to have been referred to as 'eyebrows' in highschool and to also be told I resemble Cara Delevigne

About Me

I was raised in a small town dreaming to just get out which I did. I moved out for college with a roommate, we got an apartment, she was my best friend, and it was great. I had a full time job to pay bills as well as was a full time student, so I dropped out of college. I had only gone to college because my whole family expected that of me, but I did not want to go so I did what I wanted and dropped it. Soon after that my best friend/roommate screwed me over so I had to move.

Now, I am living back in my small town with my mother and I am so super miserable. I do not currently have a job, due to there not being any available right now, so I spend day in and day out creating content and deciding what content to create next.

I have have shared quite a lot of articles about my favorite things, so I think you all know those. If not I will link my articles below.


This is me, so yeah... basically, I am asking (begging) you to help a sister out and follow me, and I will obviously follow you back. I would love to create a social media community of us supporting each other because queens supporting queens is goals, so yeah. Join me in creating a 'Queens supporting Queens' army. That's cool, right?

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Anyways, yeah. Thanks for reading if you did and yeah. :) <3