Hey guys! I'm Marcela and today I'm gonna write the day 14 of the tag "30 Days Writing Challenge". I hope you like it and can get to know me better.

Day 14: Post your favorite movie you never get tired of watching

I'll be very honest now. I don't watch a lot movies because I always sleep watching it. Actually, I think I only don't sleep in the movie theater.

But one movie without being animated, that I love it all, is "Just Go With It".

adam sandler, love, and couple image Temporarily removed

I love this movie and I laugh every time I watch it. I know some people don't like adam's movies but this one is so good. I love Jen too and she is amazing in this movie.
Please if you don't see it yet watch it because is a comedy so light and funny!

So guys, this is my movie I can watch and never get tired of. What is yours?
Thank you for read my article and for your patience with my english, I'm still learning.
Stay beautiful!