I ask you, have you ever felt lost? Lost in your mind? A feeling of being trapped with no escape and nobody to save you. No knight in shining armor. You’re on your own. Alone. Isolated.

I hate that feeling , the feeling of being trapped. A feeling as if your thoughts aren’t your own. A feeling as if something sinister is lurking in your back of your mind, waiting, plotting, waiting till the right moment to pounce and destroy everything you’ve worked so hard on to build.

It enjoys starting fights. It feeds on the raw emotion of rage. Just the tiniest sparks and that thing, that monster will turn it into a bonfire. A bonfire that can take days to extinguish but in its wake it leaves behind nothing but ash and destruction. It leaves behind a broken mind. It leaves behind a broken soul. A soul shattered and strained so many times the cracks are becoming harder to hide. Harder to pretend that they aren’t there.

Cracks in a person personality. They begin to show and it’s not pretty. It starts simple, little thing that go unnoticed by most . The person seem sadder and more irritable. Which in actual fact, they are fighting a war and the person they once were is losing dramatically to a monster. They are fighting and pretending to be the person they once were. They know deep down inside that , that person is dead. That, that person is never coming back. That person, well, they are gone permanently.

When you put a broken mirror back together ,no matter how well it is repaired, cracks will always be visible. Souls are similar. They may be broken, they can be put back together but they never truly heal. Cracks leave behind nasty scars.

Everyone outside is oblivious to the internal battle. They think you are fine. The believe a fake smile. They chose to ignore your outburst, your cries, your pleas for help. But most only think your an attention seeker.

What’s does that make me, lost or broken