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it is the season where the leaves fall off the trees
the season off hot chocolate and cookies
the season of warm sweaters and candles
the season to be home and warm
flipping the pages of my favorite books
Fall is my favorite season

heyy loves, i´m back!!
i´m so so sorry that i didn´t post articles since August oopss, but now i am back with a new article you can see it by the title. I will talk about my favorite season ´ F A L L´
lets get started


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Clothing my favorite part of this season (and winter also)
bcs you can sweaters, an cozy scarf and a big big big jacket
(i have this year an teddy jacket so warm and cozy hhaha)


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The food, i´m already excited about this one hhaha
bcs that is my favorite thing about fall an warm chocolate brownie, cookies and >my moms special fallcake. The drinks are the second best part bcs who don´t >want a warm chocolate drink? or a Starbucks pumpkin spice?


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Watching movies in the night/evening with or without friends, lights on and the >candles lighted.
Books not everyone loves reading a book and really spent time for that as me but >it is very good for your grammar or your vocabulary, try it when you have nothing >to do.


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I love my room but when it is fall i loved more than ever bcs it is so cozy with all >my pillows, blankets, candles, lights and the pictures of my family and friends. it is >similar as the pictures up here.

That was it for today, i know it was veryy little but i´m now making a big one about self care-mental health.
That is coming soon!!

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Lots of love, Samira