Hi guys, welcome back.
In today's post I'm gonna show you three healthy breakfast ideas: homemade ice-cream (with just fruit and yogurt), avocado toast with eggs and oatmeal porridge.


Ingredients: greek yogurt (you can choose every flavor you like, I usually use vanilla) and frozen fruits.
Procedure: froze every fruit you like (you can also buy frozen fruit if you find them), I usually use bananas and blueberry, but again you can use everything. When fruit is ready, put it inside the mixer and add some yogurt (greek yogurt) is better because it is thicker. Mix it until it is homogeneous and then it's ready.

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Ingredients: bread, avocado (it has to be soft) and eggs.
Procedure: first peel the avocado and crush it, until it looks like a sauce. Then cook an egg (you can have scrambled eggs, half-done eggs, hard-boiled eggs or poached eggs) and toast some bread. At the end put the avocado sauce on the bread and eggs on top.

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Ingredients: oatmeal, milk, cinnamon, fruit.
Procedure: put the oatmeal in a pot and then cover it completely with milk. Cook it until it is completely absorbed and while it is cooking add some cinnamon. Let it cool and then add some pieces of fruit (I usually add apple bc it is perfect with cinnamon, but you can use whatever u like).

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