Here’s my seven favourite Sarah Close song lyrics:

beautiful, girl, and singer image callux, saz close, and sarah close image
if you haven’t already, check out her music!

Number Seven
”Surrendered sleep so that we’d see it all, hungover walkin’ through the city walls.”

nature, art, and grunge image ae, alternative, and girl image
from the single “Crazy Kind”.

Number Six
”You’re so heavy I can’t see the skies.”

girl, grunge, and black image nature, road, and forest image
from the single “Only You”.

Number Five
”And when he looks at me it feels like that night I met him laughing under sodium lights.”

girl, smoke, and tattoo image nature, pale, and plants image
from “Call Me Out” on the Caught Up EP.

Number Four
”Don’t know why you talkin’ like I’ll be back in a minute, you want me by your side ‘cause then you feel that you’re winning.”

Temporarily removed Copyrighted image
from the single “You Say”.

Number Three
”It’s like fire meeting fire, burning getting brighter.”

Temporarily removed 90s, aesthetic, and alternative image
from the unreleased track “Limited Time”.

Number Two
”We fought it all but standin’ here we’re good, and we don’t care, no we don’t care.”

Temporarily removed girl, aesthetic, and indie image
from the single “Crazy Kind”.

Number One
”Look at your poor soul, all alone in your city of gold.”

nature, flowers, and forest image Image removed
from “Maestro” on the Caught Up EP.

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