Dear people,
I want you all to know that real love exist. Even though it didn't happen to me yet. I believe the power of love. I believe that two people can truly love & stay loyal, lovely, honest to each other. It's easy to understand if someone really loves you or just using you. Love does not hurt, love does not make you suffer. The person who doesn't know how to love does. You may have a boyfriend/girlfriend who has eyes for other girls/boys. Who's just using you for attention. Who's making you feel like you're not good enough. Who's making you feel like you need to beg them to love you. Who's not giving any of their times to spend time with you. Who's making you cry every single day. I promise you, everything will be alright. Just make sure that you're showing your love and attention to your loved ones because you might hurting the people who's there for you no matter what with doing some bullshits. And if you're the one who's being treated in that way, just leave them. You are allow to say no, you are allow to go away from toxic relationships, people.