So this is my first article and I decided to start with @themermaidwriter 's 30 day writing challenge.

Day 1: "Explain the meaning of your name".
Ella means beautiful fairy, or all

I was named after two different Ellas. The first was my great grandmother. The second was a fictional character, Ella of Frell from Ella Enchanted. The movie adaptation or the book came out the same day I was born. My parents found it very fitting.

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Ella of Frell from Ella Enchanted

Where I live Ella is a very common name for a girl my age. At my high school, it is the third most common name. Oddly enough every Ella that goes to my high school, myself included, has red hair. Since there are so many of us I never felt special. I always felt like I should be more like the other Ellas. Who were more popular and more social than me.

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I am now my own person. I take pride in my name. I love my name.

"Our names are lables, plainly printed on the bottles essence of our past behavior." ~Logan Pearsall Smith