Chapter 1
A pair of worn out blue jeans, A credit card, and a vintage camera, were all I took with me when I left.
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How do you know where your home is?
Is it where you grew up?
Is it where you go to spend your nights?
The mess of a hoarder apartment in New York located right next to the Magazine I work for is what I call home. Correction *Called. Correction *worked.
Imagine this dear reader, you wake up. your hand makes its way through the maze of snow white blankets. Snooze. Relief. It is quite relieving, isn't it? five more minutes. You tell yourself. You know what you have to do. Every day. Wake up. Eat. Run. Type. Keep your head down when walking through the hall. You know they are looking at you. You know they know. You know they won't forget. You know you no longer have significance. Come home. Push through the mess on the floor. You look for your green shirt. You look until you give up. The pile might have consumed it. You wait for a call form granny. 8 pm, it doesn't come. You know it is supposed to.
Ring... Ring...
You pick up the phone. Unknown number.
"Aria I'm sorry to inform you..."
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Some say home is where the heart is. What if I don't know where the heart is?
After my grandmothers funeral, I took the three things she left for me. A pair of my favorite blue jeans worn out from my teenage years, a credit card linked to her bank account, and a vintage camera I once puzzled over as a kid. I walked out of the funeral into a winter wonderland. The cold smelled nice, the snowflakes kissed my face as I felt the cool air filling me up with hope. So I got on a train and left.
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I don't know where I'm going, but I know what I want. A life is empty without a home, I want to find one.
I spent my whole life holding into broken pieces, now it is finally time to let it go. The objects I hoarded inside my New York apartment used to be my treasure, little did I knew I was losing myself in them, burying myself under a pile of shattered pieces of glass that was no longer my life. I used to play it safe, keep everything because what if you need it one day? what if you won't make it? "play it safe Aria" is what my mother told me. So I spent my life controlled by fear. Correction *life they choose for me. Now, for the first time I feel like I can breathe, I am alive, my life is finally mine. I don't know where this path will lead me, but I'm finally ready to find out.
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I hold my breath and step off the train.

Okay, I have been wanting to start writing this story for so so long and once I saw the images for the contest it just perfectly aligned with the idea I had in mind. So I did, hope you like the beginning of it. I hope to continue it. It's gonna be a contemporary tale of love, adventure and discovering things about yourself you had never known before.
Anyway, I am so happy that this amazing contest exists #WritersOfWHI If you don't know about it go check it out. I want every single one of you to join. The entries are incredible and so many amazing writers are taking part.

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