You’ve left a mark. And the reason I can tell is because when my boyfriend told me he was in love with me, I felt fear. I went running for forty five minutes after that, and maybe that was my body’s way of running away from the situation; literally running. I carry this fear with me as the days go by because I know that my boyfriend has this deep feeling for me. Maybe he isn't actually in love with me, but either way the idea of him loving me the way I loved you scars me. Will his love be as reckless? Will it be as toxic and destructive as my love for you was? I suppose eventually I’ll find out. I’m scared because all I know how to do is chase. This fear holds me back, I’m not sure how to feel about my boyfriend now. Am I supposed to be in love with him yet? Is it okay if I’m not? I care for him deeply but I’m scared to fall in love with him. I shed tears as I write this because I feel ashamed that I am afraid to love my own boyfriend. How ridiculous and sad is that? He’s supposed to be the person that brings me comfort, but instead, because of you, he brings me fear. It hurts that you still have this hold on me. You still effect me, I don’t love you anymore yet look at me. I’m crying because you’ve ruined my image of love and I resent you for it.