So, I'm really getting into doing my own articles now. There is never a day goes by where I am not wearing perfume. I own a lot of perfumes,all different scents,and here are my most favourites.

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Cerruti 1881. I have been wearing this scent forever!
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Alien. My ultimate favourite.
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Nina. Smells like toffee apple.
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Hypnotic Poison. Long lasting and smells of vanilla,very sweet.
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Black Opium. This one was a grower on me,hated it at first,love it now.
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Tommy Girl. I wore this at school,and still love it. It's a really fresh scent.
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Burberry Weekend. Another scent I wore at school,still wear it today.
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Love Spell. Ok,technically not a perfume,but a body spritz,but I wear it as a perfume and it is delish!
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Casmir. This smells luxurious.
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DKNY. Fresh and just lovely.
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Midnight Fantasy. A celebrity scent by Britney Spears. Fruity and a fave of mine.