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"The person you've tried to reach is currently unavailabe...please try to call in a different time, or leave a message after the tone......TOOOOT"........
That's exactly how my mind operates before I drink my morning coffee.
I don't know if there is or are people out there who share with me this exact feeling.
Here is an attached selfie of the morning me

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It's quite magical what a sip of coffee can do to a human being. I become suddenly more interactive and I can even smile. The smell of a freshly made cup of coffe is kinda a mood manipulator...if that's even an English word haha, cause the first thing I think about when I open my eyes in the early mornings is I hustle out of my bed to let the water boil while I do my morning routine. It's like having a (me) time right after I get up. I JUST LOVE IT
My favorite coffee lately, that I tend to grab in the supermarket is "Lavazza Coffee cream". Since I love my coffee black (No sugar, no cream no milk) its the first coffee that I can enjoy without extras at all!! The creamy top's so soft and simply Mmmm

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However, it's also wonderful how this cup of coffee can be squeezed into your daily activities. Coffee break during work, a gossip coffee break, or after having a heavy delightful lunch or espresso?! why not!
Can we just say...that coffee is the best?! You don't only wake up after drinking it and have a great mood and all of that good stuff, but you get to have a more social life!