How do you feel today? Did you smile enough? Did you laugh enough? Did you speak enough? Most importantly, did you breathe enough? People will always assume the worst or the best for you. There are no colours in their critic pallete my love. There are only two colours for them, black and white. And you are not allowed to colour your feelings with blue, pink or bright yellow. You will be considered a naive and a liar.
There are no believers out there my love. There are no dreamers. And the worst part is that they don't even let us believe, dream and feel. Christmas is around the corner. The most beautiful and happiest time of the year is hidden and sad. Sad because of us my love. Sad because we lie to ourselves that we are happy and full. Sad beacause we don't breathe anymore. We decorate ourselves with a fake bright smile and with big empty feelings. Let's welcome Christmas one more time my love pretending. Pretending that this time will be the last. Pretending that we will change. Pretending that we will feel.
Merry Christmas my love, cherrish yourself with goldpainted emotions but be careful. The Gold is only temporary.