Hey everyone, I just finished watching Teen Wolf and I’m in love with the show so me being the obsessed human I am, I am going to write a recap. I will do season by season so if you haven’t finished the whole show you can read about the seasons you’ve watched without spoiling yourself something. Hope you enjoy ♥

Season 1

Season 1 was great from the the first few seconds when Stiles showed up hanging upside down :) Scott and Alisson were kinda cute and annoying at the same time, Jackson was going on my nerves but never mind and I personally loved how Derek was acting cold and stuff. Stiles and Scott did a pretty good job with figuring the whole werewolf thing out. I don’t get why Alisson’s mom needed to kill her self but okay... And Scott’s hairstyle... Sweetie, no.

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Season 2

The Scott and his horrible hairstyle saga continues. Gerard shows up and I wanted to strangle him from the moment he showed up till the end of the show. The whole what in the world is a kanima thing was lit and I didn’t expect it to be Jackson. At that point I started feeling sorry for him and liking him more. Also the parts where a snake enters his mouth and comes out by his eyes, I want to know who was that creative and gross cuz maybe it’s just me but I find it cool.

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Season 3

Scott FINALLY has a decent hairstyle. And the one Stiles had was decent but his new one is just WOW. I found the second half with the nogistune more interesting than the Alfa pack one. Kira is annoying I’m sorry but it’s true. Malia was likable from the first time she showed up and Stalia is adorable but Stydia for life. I really liked the Scott is a true Alfa thing and Lydia discovering she’s a banshee. The last episode broke me like seriously, Alisson? I know I said she annoyed me but still. And oh my god did the director of the show really need to kill Aidan come on have a bit of mercy ITS ETHAN’S TWIN. I was just speechless that was so rude. Also, Alisson and Isaac are NOT cute together.

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Season 4

I have mixed feelings on the whole desert concept and Malia finding her mother. It was really good but could have been better. And I know people don’t like Peter but I like his character sorry not sorry, he actually cares about Malia but he isn’t showing it. And why did Kate have to return as a supernatural she is so annoying. And I may have cried when Derek found out that he could shift into a wolf ( I was just really happy for him okay ).

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Season 5

Where in the world is Derek? I know the actor left the show but why tho? And no more Kira thank god. To be honest I was so confused at the beginning that I was thinking about not watching the show but I didn’t and I’m grateful that I didn’t. The dread doctors are so creepy and whole eichen house thing with Lydia just gave me major chills. I forgot in which season they discover Parrish is a hellhound but damn that’s so cool ( I think it was this season I’m not sure ). The beast thing is cool and Liam is an adorable angry kid ( I know he shows up in season 4 for the first time but he's more interesting now ). I did not expect Mason to be the beast and him and Corey are adorable together. Hayden and Liam are kinda cute and annoying at the same time. Don’t get me started about Theo that guy is just UGH. And why the hell is Gerard back I can’t stand the guy!

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Season 6

The last season ( so sad there’s no more Teen Wolf :( ). The wild hunt is just... DAMN how did they manage to fight it that thing was impossible. And nobody remembered Stiles :( The moment when Lydia finally remembered him I was crying, FINALLY. Stydia finally happened, YES! Scott is high key the best alfa to exist I’m so proud. The second part with the anukit-e or however it’s written was even more impossible like damn they fought it at the same time as they fought Gerard and Monroe, WOW. And there’s barely no Stiles in the second part, I know Dylan hurt his leg and couldn’t act but I missed Stiles and I cried for a solid half an hour when he and Derek showed up in his jeep. Also, Jackson and Ethan are ADORABLE together and so sophisticated. I found it adorable how Lydia and Jackson are still friends. And Scalia is SO CUTE I ship it!

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I had to okay

That's it for this article, I hope you enjoyed and I'm sorry for being inactive, it's just school and all that stuff.