Hello everyone! My article is going to be talking about books that everyone should read this Fall. Books are these small, amazing things that transport you to fictional worlds and make you forget about all your troubles. I love books so much that I wanted to share my adoration for them with you guys.

The Mortal Instruments

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I didn't know whether this would be a good fall book or not, but I'm putting it anyway because it's that good. I can't stress enough how this is such an amazing series. You will never get bored during the book and the romance is a nice thing to see unfold in the background. It has demons, shadowhunters, vampires, werewolves, and so much more. Perfect for anyone who liked The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games

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This book series was and still continues to be very popular but there is a reason for it: it's THAT good. I loved it an insane amount because the main character was just very strong and bold, she was a true inspiration. This is a story of 12 districts sending 2 tributes between the ages of 12 – 17 into an arena to fight for their lives and their district. It is an action-packed story with a love interest and is oddly motivating.

The Book Thief

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I truly believe this book is perfect to read in the fall even though it partly takes place in the Winter. It's such a heartwarming story that takes place in Nazi Germany about a young girl learning life lessons about what life is like in that time period. In other words, what you should and should not go along with other things. This story has such a unique narration that I've never seen before, it puts the bow on the whole story. A good read for Thanksgiving break.

Harry Potter

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I highly recommend reading the Harry Potter series during this season because it helps bring the story to life. Not to mention it is pretty nice to get to watch the movies afterward and relive all the events that took place in the series. I love imagining their warm looking clothing while reading in Fall because it feels like for a second I am there with them too. Try it, it's great.

The Hobbit

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This series reminds me of the Harry Potter series a lot even though they are completely different. The scenery in the book just perfectly correlates with the fall season and the story overall gives off a fall vibe. By reading this book you enter the Tolkien books full of mischief and adventure. This story is about a hobbit who at first dislikes action, ends up going on an adventure with a wizard and dwarves to find a long forgotten treasure. With epic battle scenes, dragons, and goblins, you will never find a dull moment.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

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This is a story about a dog reflecting on his life and all he's been through with his family. The whole story takes place through the dog's eyes without overexaggerating the fact that he is a dog. It's a beautiful story with well-developed characters that will leave you in tears.

Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda

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This book is about a boy who accidentally leaves his emails open and someone finds out that he is secretly gay. This person begins to blackmail him and threatens to expose his secret if he doesn't do as he says. I really like this story for this time of year because it has so many friendships that make you feel thankful that there are people out there like that in this world. (thankful, Thanksgiving, perfect match).

Those are all the book recommendations I have for you guys! I hope you enjoyed as always and get a chance to read these books over Thanksgiving break.

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