Hey guys!

So I'll be going to Paris for the day in December. Arriving around 9am at Paris de Nord train station and leaving at 7pm back to London. Im travelling with my friend so its just us two. However this is where I need your help. I need a realistic plan of what I can do in the hours I am there.

There's so much of Paris to see but with my limited time I know I can only see a few places. I also need advice on travelling e.g. how much it costs to travel, what's the best transportation. I also need food recommendations, preferably Halal and non - alcoholic, but I know it may be rare to find places like that so I'm definitely open to great vegetarian options!

Also need some suggestions for shopping places as we do want to look around at high streets or shopping malls that are close to Paris de Nord train station. I think it would be best for us to stay close to Paris de Nord towards the end of our journey so any places not so far would be ideal.

Also we want to make this an affordable trip so if you know roughly how much tickets to attractions or travelling or even food costs please let me know!

If you live in Paris or have been before or even have done day trip there I'd love to hear your recommendations and how your trip was!

Thank you💖