In this article, I'll give new photographers tips on how to take good photos. Whether it's for your own Instagram page, a school project or just for fun, these tips will help you get more creative. Enjoy!

Take as many photos as you can
My advice for you is to always carry a camera with you. We all do it these days, with our phones in our pockets always. You never know when something will happen - suddenly, the sunset is looking gorgeous or a bird is sitting right in front of you, and you can take the perfect photo. This way, you can be quick to get the photo you want.

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To get more creative, try to use things around you to get better photos. You could, for example, use a puddle to get a reflection of the object you are taking pictures of, or you could use some light chains close to the camera to brighten up the photo. It will make the simplest photo so interesting.

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Take your time
Take your time when taking a photo. Find the right angle; try sitting on the floor and then standing on your tip-toes. Do not be afraid to get dirty when you’re taking photos! Wait until the camera is focused. If you are taking pictures of a person, try to give them instructions. Tell them where to stand, how to act, be a little bossy. You’ll get better results!

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The golden ratio
As a photography student, this was one of the first thing I learned. On most phones and cameras, the screen will show you different squares when taking a photo. I didn’t pay much attention to these until I learned what it was. It is a helping tool for you: you should try to get the object you want to focus on in the cross of the squares. It is used by all professionals because this is where the eyes to the ones viewing the photo will go to first. So, use this to get more attention!

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When taking photos, remember to watch the light! Don’t stand face to the sun but turn your back to it. If you’re taking pictures inside, try to take them near a window. Start by taking a single photo every time, then review it before you continue taking other photos. A bad lightning can and will ruin what was supposed to be a good photo!

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Find inspiration
Find inspiration on websites such as We Heart It, Tumblr and Instagram. Get more motivated and inspired but remember to not steal anybody’s photos! Have fun!

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This article was written by @matomm on the We Heart It writers team.