Hii :)
I did this a while ago but I was looking for friends in my country,
now I'm looking for internet friends from other countries😊

About me:

My name is Sofia /but you can call me whatever you like, I don't mind any variation of my name/. I'm 16 y.o. and I'm college student.
I speak Russian and English /he's bad, but I'm trying to improve it/. Also I want to learn Spanish and French in future.

I'm really shy and always afraid to make mistakes when I say or write something, because English isn't my first language :c

In my free time I watch tv shows /a lot/, listen to music, study and read books.

study, room, and school image netflix, food, and room image

tv shows/films

you can read about my favoite tv show in this article:

my favorite movies are Falling for Vermont, Wild Child, If I Stay and all Marvel movies.


I love Halsey, Little Mix, TINI, Sebastian Yatra, Dua Lipa, Lali, Taylor Swift, Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes, Jorge Blanco, Ed Sheeran
oh, I listen to almost any music.

dua lipa, dua, and singer image ️tini, martina, and martina stoessel image

I'd like an internet friend who's 16-18.
I'm fine with any nationaliy and religion, just don't be homophobic, sexist or racist.

I prefer to communicate in WhatsApp, but if you're not, we can chat here or where you want :)