Hi guys! As a 1.5k followers gift, I wanted to do something different since 2018 is almost over and it seems like we haven't done much this year!
These are a few sweet things you can do before the next year approaches! :)

apologize to people you've hurt

quotes, love, and forgive image book, sad, and aesthetic image

let go a bad habit

pink, bad habits, and habits image poems, poetry, and you image

find new artists

aesthetic, asian, and korean image aesthetic, music, and love image

read books

beautiful, books, and like image aesthetic, book, and bookworm image

pick up a new hobby

aesthetic, alternative, and art image Temporarily removed

let go people who are mean to you

friends, quotes, and sad image happiness, people, and love image

improve/change your style

fashion image Image by -

sell old/unnecessary stuff

ornament, etsy, and victorian christmas image boite déménagement and boite carton déménagement image

re-decorate your room/house

aesthetic, beautiful, and comfortable image bedroom, home, and room image

buy new things

aesthetic, red, and food image hope, v, and rm image


girl, autumn, and fall image Image removed

prepare for Christmas

christmas, holiday, and tree image christmas, holiday, and christmas tree image

thank someone

grateful, quotes, and pink image bouquet, girlfriend, and mine image

make new year resolutions

aesthetic, art, and beautiful image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

fall in love with yourself/someone

Image removed kiss, love, and imagine image