I'm currently redecorating my room, and this is just what I'm doing!

Color Scheme
Mine is lilac and white (and, I guess, wood, because there's lots of pretty brown wood because it's an old house, lmao).The walls are white, and I have a white desk, white chair, and white brick wallpaper.

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Wall Art
I have white brick wallpaper for one wall, and a bunch of posters, and a wall covered in Taylor Swift stuff. A tapestry, posters, wallpaper, and/or paintings are all cute ideas! Also, corkboards with photos pinned on them are soo nice.

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This isn't about, like, regular lights that light a room. I mean, decide if you want a lava lamp, or fairy lights or something. I suggest white fairy lights, because they sort of just match anything, instead of yellowish colored ones.

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Other Things
Throw pillows, bean bag chairs, random fuzzy blankets, those word light things that I can't remember the name of (mine says "Fish rule the word" imfine)! AND SUCCULENTSS I LOVE SUCCULENTSSSS. Just some more cute little things that add more personality to a room.

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Oh, and then, you know, furniture, like beds and bookshelves and stuff...
Thanks for reading!