Hi everyone! Evey here! I hoped everyone had an amazing Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos. I spent my Halloween reuniting with my old friends and watching the new Halloween movie that just came out on October 19 and I gotta say it was amazing and very thrilling! I was kinda bummed out not going to the Marilyn Manson concert that Halloween night but at least the show went on and all. Today I wanted to talk about my favorite songs I have listened throughout this fall and I want to share it with you all. Enjoy!

My Fall playlist:
1. Jakob Ogawa ft. Clairo- You might be sleeping
2. Sunset Rollercoaster- Sumum Bonum
2. Sunset Rollercoaster- My Jinji
3. Midnight Snack- Homeshake
4.Cuco- Stay for a bit
5. Cuco- Perihelion
6. Fake Laugh- Better for me
7. Inner Wave- Eclipse
Note: I have found these songs on Soundcloud, but I'm pretty sure they are found on Spotify, youtube, or on Apple music. Make sure to stay updated on the following articles I post We Heart It! Feel free to message me! :)