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and welcome back to my page. I were in Paris this autumn holiday. It was beautifull also the style of the people there was so unique that I watched out for special statements that is a must-have in a french woman stilyng. If you are interested how to become fancy and glamorous like them. Take a cup of tea and read below...<3

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It can be a jacket a trouser or a bagpack the streets are full of it. I am really into this trend especially the trouser looks bomb on the legs.(:


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Comfy and cute. Velvet brings me back to the 90's with the spice girls and co. Also celebreties like Kendall Jenner are in love with this look.

Faux Jackets

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Winter dosen't means to go with your blanket out of the house. It is a good opertunity to go out with your friends while you are in a jacket that is most likely to your cuddly animal.<3


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I have to talk about them, because all french woman are wearing them! They are looking so freaking confident in them! The Paris woman pairs it with ankel boots and a little hand bag. Random fact: they usually buy the mantels that are ending after the knee to keep their legs warm.(;

Bell bottoms

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Yaaaasss! They are back! They are a fashion statement in your closet. They can change a simple basic outfit into a fancy streetstyle look. I think they are becoming a big trend next year<3 I would style them with a narrow top to get the illusion of this dammn hot curves that I don't have but with some tricks it looks like I would have some:)


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Girls need a good old striped t-shirt. It is a trend that had been going viral this year, also in france.

Red, white and blue

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I don't know if it is a combination in this colours because their flag looks like that. But you see a lot of girls with a washed out jeans a white or white red striped t-shirt and a red lip or a red hand bag what looks like they were born in it!

All Black

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All black is so simple and effort less, but it looks good on anyone. When you don't know what to wear, take a black shirt, black trouser, black shoes and black hand bag makes you feel safe and confident.


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I think this is one of my favorite trends right now. It is so easy to pair it and play with the pattern makes a lot of fun. I am not the only one who is in love with it, I think it was the biggest thing I've seen on the streets of paris, you get this design for the small student budget at c&a, zara and pimki.

Bakerboyhats and Berets

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Acessories are key! In winter and autumn are hats a cool thing to spice up your style. In France they are wearing pretty cute hats like the two in the picture. The funny thing is that anyone who hears french thinks about Berets but the crazy thing is the tourists wear Berets more than the french people. They are more into the Bakerboyhats.

Statement Earrings

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The bigger the better! It comes from versage to wear big earrings. They look very fancy, but look to do not too much with them. They are an eye catcher try to keep the rest simple. I would wear them with a white blouse and a black trousers or back to all black.

Messy Hair

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All of the things in this article look together very chic. To don't make it look like you want to impress, keep your hair messy to look like "I woke up like this!" There are a lot of options like don't brush your hair after waking up, or do a messy bun(:

Red Lipstick

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Red devil... Looks fabulous on all girls <3

And thats it! That are the things that I've seen on the streets of Paris, if you know a trend that you think is so french comment it. <3 I hope you liked it. Have a good day<3 and
stay creative, fancy and wonderfull!

Bye, bye Lola <3

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