all the boys that i have loved...

1. Cameron Dallas

cameron dallas, boy, and cameron image boy, cameron, and handsome image cameron dallas image boy, cameron dallas, and cameron image
i remember being in love with cameron, i adored his smile! his goofy personality is something that i clearly remember loving. he was for sure my favourite celebrity and i remember doing an oral on him and how of a good person he is lol.

2. Justin Bieber

Image removed justin bieber, bieber, and believe image drew, JB, and justin image justin bieber, bieber, and justin image
i had loved the biebs (what my mom calls him haha) since his album my world came out. i remember his performances with his purple high top sneakers and flat caps. he was always one of my favourites and i adored his personality and his smile was so cute (& it still is!).

3. Nash Grier

Image removed cameron dallas, cash, and nash grier image actor, boyfriend, and boys image actor, blue eyes, and boyfriend image
nash was also one of my favourites. like cameron i also adored his goofy personality, and lets not forget his gorgeous blue eyes! i remember all the magcon moments and ugh i miss those days but now hes modelling for big brands like gucci! nash was someone that my younger self wanted to meet so badly, and i also loved how caring he is towards people and to his little sister skylynn - those videos were so cute.

4. Niall Horan

liam payne, niall horan, and louis tomlinson image Image by Abril💕 niall horan, one direction, and niall image niall horan, one direction, and liam payne image
ahhh niall was a huge childhood crush of mine. i loved his blonde (yes i knew it was dyed back then) and his goofy personality. i remember him doing the most goofiest things and making me laugh so hard.

5. Ross Lynch

ross lynch, boy, and red image r5 image ross lynch, flowers, and r5 image ross lynch image
y'all fakes that didn't love him in austin & ally and teen beach movie, but now love him in sabrina smh. haha. he was my disney celeb crush - i honestly don't know why i adored him, probably because he's really cute.

6. Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Temporarily removed dylan sprouse, cole sprouse, and disney image cole, dylan, and sprouse image cole sprouse, dylan sprouse, and cole image
ahhhhhhhhh i adored cole and dylan! suite life of zach & cody and suite life on deck were my favourite shows on disney! they're for sure my favourite twins!

well that's all of my childhood crushes! it's crazy how they've all gone on and done such big things! i still love them all but i thought i'd be fun to share some childhood memories. i hope you enjoyed! i'm also sorry for being inactive i've had no inspiration recently, but hopefully i'm back now :).

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