i know i write alot of article, but when i was at school i was bored and wrote alot. hope you enjoy! <3

- im drunk and confused by sagun
this song is just relaxing. im in love like wow. this song literally can make me to go to sleep. this also sometime give me some focus when im studying
- rest & be thankful
this song is just wow. i love this. i recommend this song to be a friend when youre taking a shower or even getting ready to go out.
- thank you, next by ariana grande
this shit had blowed my mind! this made me to get over my ex in literally 1 second this song is just the best. we love a break up sister!!

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- in too deep by why don’t we
not just because i stan them, but its because i can relate to this song. im in too deep with this guy like literally i love that guy, (not my ex) im in too deep ukh!
- blue moon by khai dreams
this song always gave me motivation to be in this world again. i love khai dreams for this.
- the idea of you by mxmtoon
this is the best song for me to relax, i love this. this song could also relate to me. this song represents that the idea of my crush is the best idea.

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- pretty girl by clairo
letmetalkaboutthis. this is just the best song ever im freaking out omg. the vibe is always perfect when im sad and need motivation. it could make me so motivational i l love clairo SO MUCH!.
- I Fall in Love Too Easily by Caleb Belkin
this song is vvvv recommended idk why i like it but i think how the beat goes is beautiful
- best friend by rex orange county
overrated ik but this song is a total bop! i love this song so fkn much! reminds me of love hehe

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