Well thinking about the life that the Jenner sister's have and many other youngsters who are born to fame, on the other hand , me struggling to get a complete denture signed , learning and trying to understand how to deal with patients and completely stuck in the middle of Med school where is no looking back .How fast 21 years of my life has gone by!
As kids we were always taught to " Dream big and think big " , but somewhere in between these 21 years this is completely lost and crumbled like a paper and thrown away. Some people are trying to understand their kids as they grow up while on the other hand , some still put their dreams on the shoulders of their young ones. And somehow i managed to cross this difficult phase of accepting and forgetting certain paths . Deep down I still know this is not me, but this is the responsibility I need to fulfill as daughter .

I am not a girl who was born in a medieval era and certainly not the one to say people who hook-up are "sick", but I actually felt it was a way to get over a poisonous relationship when I always gave love and other never wanted to take.
Still there is a lot much more left to come and a lot even more to learn from mistakes. People pulling you down, being so insensitive and cold , trying to shame each other through their instagram , being insecure etc etc. I felt running away and sleeping was the best solution to every problem in this world , but by doing that you can just get away from the reality for a short period of time and the world is too small to let you get away with it . Yet i am just 21, but wiser yet ?