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Now that October is over, I dug up the list of my favourites that I compiled over the last month. October was a really good month for me, where I had plenty of time to enjoy some new stuff and rediscover some of my old faves too. So let's jump right into them:


  • dodie – Human:

I have already told you about my obsession with this beautiful human being in my Women Crush Wednesday article which you can find here:

So, you can imagine how excited I got when she came out with this new song:

for the acoustic version:

  • Alice Kristiansen:

I can't wait until she might put her covers on Spotify - but she already has some of them on Soundcloud, if you wanna check her out! Here's her last one, which is also absolutely fascinating, as always:

  • Mumford and Sons:

Holy cow, their new songs Guiding Light and If I Say are just absolutely brilliant! I can't wait to see them live next year - until then, I'm gonna devour their new songs, memorize every single lyric and enjoy their hilarious Instagram account. Just listening to them talking about their passion and the thought they put into their work inspires me a lot. Can't wait until their album comes out on the 16th of November (only 12 more days to go)!

  • October Playlist:

For more music favourites, take a look at my last playlist article if you like:


  • A Star Is Born:

Oh my gosh. I don't even know where to start when it comes to describing this film. It's just incredible. If you got the chance and are on the look out for a good sobbing session in the cinema, definitely go watch it!

  • The Voice:

As a music enthusiast myself it's sort of a given that I'm obsessed with The Voice. Whether it's the German one, were there are a lot of us Austrians taking part this year which I really enjoy, or the US version - I love both. Also, tell me if you'd be interested in an article where I share my favourite blind auditions with you because I've got quite a lot this year!

blonde, girl, and guitar image
  • The Marvelous Mrs Maisel:

Me and my flatmate just started watching this series, but I can already ensure you that it's absolutely worth a watch:

  • Grey’s Anatomy:

What can I say. The new season just started this month and I'm already hooked again on the new story lines and I'm living for the dramatic intros and outros as always. A perfect series to watch while studying too, if you need one!

winter, snow, and candle image


I was a bit hesitant to include my YouTube favourites, since it's not very common in my area to watch YouTube. But I thought it's about time to just accept it that I enjoy watching it sometimes. Also, some of them deserve a lot more credit for the work they put into their videos. And life's way too short as to worrying about stupid things like that anyway. So here you go with the channels/people my sisters and I enjoyed the most this month:

  • Claudia Sulewski's vlog channel for the most real and honest human being with very interesting opinions and thoughts
girl, outfit, and claudia sulewski image
  • Kalyn Nicholson's Youtober for the most aesthetically pleasing person on earth
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
  • Shane Dawson's Jake Paul Series for the perfect dose of drama and action
shane dawson image
  • Estée Lalonde's vlogtober for well put together and authentic glimpses into someone else's life
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  • “Sonnentor” tea:

or any eco-friendly tea I can find: whether it's loose or in tea bags, I make sure to buy environmentally beneficial tea, considering my tremendous tea consumption.

tea, flowers, and vintage image
  • Instagram accounts:

This month, I started to follow many "influencers" who focus on educating their audience on how we can all do our part in saving the environment. If you would like me to write a whole article on this particular topic, just let me know and I'd be more than happy to give you all some new people to follow!

Temporarily removed
  • Lights:

Especially at this time of the year where it gets dark earlier I'm very conscious about when I need to turn on the lights in my house and when I simply don't. Simple as that. I just wanted to mention this in case you want to start implementing some environmentally beneficial habits as well and you'd like to start with something easy everyone can do.

light, tumblr, and photography image


  • Game nights:

Since one of my main focuses this month was to appreciate the time I'm able to spend with my family more, we had a lot of game nights over the past couple weeks. Also, if you need some new games, we totally recommend trying out the "exit" or "escape" series - they're always a blast!

pizza, food, and friends image
  • Halloween:

This year, I absolutely enjoyed Halloween, even though I went home at around one, but stayed up with my flatmate for what felt like an eternity until I finally achieved to get my colored lenses out, giggling our butts off. I did my family's, my friend's and my own makeup, got to meet and scare some people and just enjoyed the night with my friends - couldn't have asked for anything more. Good times. Hope you enjoyed yours too! If you feel like sharing, tell me what you did and if you dress up as anything - I'd really like to know!

Halloween, makeup, and autumn image

So, I guess that's it for today! I hope I could give you some things to check out and fall in love to – and please let me know if you do! Also, what have been your favourites this month? As always, thanks for reading and I'll see you next time!

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Song recommendation of today: Oliver Riot - Ivory Black

Have you read my last article? It’s a list of Halloween costume ideas, which is kind of irrelevant now that it’s November, but maybe you still wanna take a look:

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