Hello guys, here I am for my second article and the topic for today is: how I would build my apartment. It's important to say that I am not gonna go so deep about the construction itself, but more about the ideias that I have about some parts which consists in an embrassing, cozy and modern apartment! I hope you enjoy it :p

When I think about my apartment, the first thing that pops into my head is to have a bedroom pretty complete, when I say complete I mean a bedroom with all the things I would like to have very close to me because I use everyday like: a tv in front of my cozy bed, my notebook, minibar (a girl needs to eat, right?), a place to put my favorite books, magazines and movies, a closet and to conclude a bathroom all mine <3

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The bedroom is a part of yourself, it represents you, so you have to put in there all the things that mean to be you, so doesn't matter if it's a lot of stuff or not, the important is that reflects who you are.

The second part of my apartment that I think a lot is the living room, because probably it's the place where I am going to receive my friends and I would like they stayed confortable in my house, so I picture a confortoble and fancy living room at the same time.

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The living room is a place that you bring out the best of you to others.

The third place I like to plan about my apartment is my kitchen. I really love a big kitchen where I can have a lot space to cook alone or with someone, besides I want a very organized and with a neutral color kitchen, because it brings me the feeling of cleanliness,

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Finally, the last place of my dream's apartment I want to share with you guys, it's the part which I consider the principal: the VIEW. That's so important because we have to live next to a place that gives strength to live another day and also the feeling of peace after a long day. Therefore to me the only view that gives that kind of feeling is the beach or a big city.

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Sooo, that's it fellows, these are some the ideas that I have to my future apartment and I hope you guys like it!
Good day to all <3