well, i have no interesting stuff in my life but this stuff is quite dope. hope you enjoy <33

1. i LOVE to write stuff, i have 4 books on wattpad but 3 of them arent published but i’ll probably publish one of them in my wattpad
2. my name means brave
3. my last name means unique
4. i’m a totally food lover
5. im 12 y/o lol ik im so mature for a 12 y/o
6. i love the band Why Don’t We especially the member Zach Herron and Corbyn Besson

book, glasses, and writing image food image

7. im a very social person, i love talking and socializing with others. so if you want to be friends hmu <3
8. my aesthetic is the minimalist aesthetic! i just love the color white and i dont really like stuff that has too many decorations
9. i love art, i liked to draw since i was 3
10. i love coffee i drank them since i was like 8 or 9 its just the best thing ever
11. i love to cook! it always motivate me to do stuff
12. i HATE fish its the worst seafood hfkdsjhfk it taste so weird i dont like it

rainbow, aesthetic, and hand image Temporarily removed

13. i love editing, i love to video edit. those edits in instagram is now very bombing! i love editing like those and also some simple edits!
14. i dont really like colorful stuff, black and white is better
15. i love the rain lol its just so relaxing and the voices are very calm i loveee <333
16. i love to watch movies
17. i like to cry
18. i get anxious really fast

anime, sailor moon, and aesthetic image Image by 🍁BEYA🍁

and thats all that interesting ig? lol thanks for reading have a nice day <33