in the past couple of weeks, i have been going through old clothes and looking to replace them with new ones. it's been so interesting to see just how much my style has changed, not only from years ago, but also from just the beginning of 2018. this is the first of many " (insert season here) trends (insert year here) " articles. these are mainly for me to look back on, but i hope they also give whoever sees them inspiration, too !

plaid pants

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these make an outfit seem unique while it only requires minimal effort to put together and are extremely comfy

oversized sweaters // sweatshirts

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fun pants or no pants

mom jeans

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mom jeans >>>>>>> all other jeans ever

stripey tops

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quick n easy but cute as ever

patterned bottoms

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why would anyone where plain pants anymore

makeup trends

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natural skin, dewy highlight, bold browns, warm toned eyes, and glossy lips

this is my first of (hopefully) many articles, more to come :)

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