I. Shawn Mendes
black and white, music, and shawn image
II. Zac Efron
zac efron, boy, and Hot image
III. Luke Hemmings
5sos, luke hemmings, and 5 seconds of summer image
IV. Cole and Dylan Sprouse
Temporarily removed cole sprouse, boy, and Hot image
V. Noah Centineo
noah centineo, boy, and peter kavinsky image
VI. Timothee Chalamet
timothee chalamet, cutie, and film image
VII. Leonardo Dicaprio (young)
Mature image
VIII. Miguel Bernardeau.
elite, netflix, and guzman image
IX.Evan Peters
Image removed
X. Nick Jonas.
beautiful, boys, and eyes image
XI. Xavier Serrano.
boy, model, and xavier serrano image
XII. Dylan O'Brien
dylanobrien image
XIII. Finn Wolfhard
finn wolfhard, stranger things, and finn image
XIV. Lucky Blue Smith
boy, lucky blue smith, and model image
XV. Ansel Elgort
boy, star, and my love image
XVI. Tom Hiddleston
tom hiddleston, actor, and british image
XVII. Tom Holland
spiderman, Marvel, and tom holland image
XVIII. Froy Gutierrez
boy, froy gutierrez, and froy image
XIX. Aaron Johnson
aaron johnson, boy, and nowhere boy image
XX. Ian Somerhalder
Image removed
XXI. Francisco Lachowski
boy, Hot, and Francisco Lachowski image
XXII. Dave Franco
dave franco, boy, and Hot image
XXIII. James Franco
james franco, boy, and car image
XXIV. Zayn Malik
zayn malik and zayn image
XXV. Harry Styles.
Harry Styles, harry, and one direction image
XXVI.Justin Bieber
justin bieber image
XXVII. Johnny Depp (young)
johnny depp, young, and actor image
XXVIII. Ross Lynch
boy, ross lynch, and r5 image
XXIX. Calum Hood
5sos, calum hood, and calum image
XXX.Michael Clifford
5sos, michael clifford, and 5 seconds of summer image
XXXI. Ashton Irwin
5sos, ashton irwin, and 5 seconds of summer image
XXXII. Niall Horan
niall horan image
XXXIII. Jorge Blanco
Image removed
XXXIV.Neels Visser
neels visser, boy, and guy image
XXXV. Drake
Mature image
XXXVI. Cameron Boyce.
aesthetic, beautiful, and boy image
XXXVII. Kaine Buffonge
boy image
XXXVIII. Douglas Booth
douglas booth and romeo image
XXXIX. Liam Payne
liam payne, one direction, and liam image
XL. Louis Tomlinson.
wallpaper, lockscreen, and louis tomlinson image
XLI. Jared Leto (young)
Image removed
XLII. Ed Westwick
Image removed
XLIII. Chace Crawford
Chace Crawford, gossip girl, and Hot image
kj apa, riverdale, and Hot image
XLV. Jack Gilinsky
black white, guys, and handsome image
XLVI. Tyler Posey
tyler posey, teen wolf, and scott mccall image
XLVII. Daniel Sharman
teen wolf, daniel sharman, and isaac lahey image
XLVIII. Dominic Sherwood
dominic sherwood, boy, and eyes image
XLIV. Matthew Daddario
matthew daddario, alec lightwood, and shadowhunters image
XLV. Jamie Campbell
Jamie Campbell Bower and actor image
XLVI. Brenton Thwaites
brenton thwaites, Hot, and boy image
XLVII. Joe Keery
joe keery, stranger things, and steve harrington image
XLVIII. Lucas Jade Zumann
lucas jade zumann, cute, and anne with an e image
XLIX. Juanpa Zurita
Image removed
L. Chris Hemsworth
Marvel, thor, and chris hemsworth image
LI. Chris Evans
chris evans image
LII. Eddie Redmayne
Image removed
LIII. Tim Borrmann
shatterme, unravelme, and igniteme image
LIV. Diego Boneta
beach, boy, and hair image
LV. Matt LeBlanc (young)
friends, Matt LeBlanc, and young image
LVI. Matthew Perry (young)
Image removed
LVII. Charles Melton
boy, riverdale, and reggie image
LVIII. Ross Butler
ross butler image
LIX. Brandon Flynn
brandon flynn, actor, and justin foley image
LX. Arón Piper
elite, ander, and aron piper image
LXI. Keegan Allen
pretty little liars, keegan allen, and toby cavanaugh image
LXII. Ian Harding
ian harding image
LXIII. Manu Rios
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
LXIV. Felix Mallard
felix mallard image
LXV. Wynston Shannon
boy, freckles, and Hot image
LXVI. Cameron Dallas
cameron dallas, boy, and cameron image
LXVII. Grant Gustin
grant gustin, the flash, and flash image
LXVIII. Tyler Hoechlin
tyler and hoechlin image
LXIX. Colton Haynes
teen wolf and colton haynes image
LXX. Troye Sivan
Image removed
LXXI. Dylan Sprayberry
dylan sprayberry, boy, and teen wolf image
LXXII. Charlie and Max Carver
teen wolf, max carver, and twins image
LXXIII. Cody Christian
cody christian and boy image
LXXIV. Ryan Kelley
Image removed
LXXV. Jared Padalecki
Image removed
LXXVI. Jensen Ackles
celebrities, dean, and handsome image
LXXVII. Gino Pasqualini
boy, black and white, and guy image
LXXVIII. Ethan and Grayson Dolan
Image removed
LXXIX. James Laborne
aesthetic, boy, and carefree image
LXXX. Wade Poezyn
Image removed
LXXXI. Sebastian Stan
sebastian stan image
LXXXII. Dylan Wang
drama, meteor garden, and dao ming si image
LXXXIII. Chris Pine
chris pine image
LXXXIV. Dan Deehan
Temporarily removed
LXXXV. Andrew Garfield
Image removed
LXXXVI. Charlie Puth
charlie puth image
LXXXVII. Brandon Logie
black and white, boy, and eyes image
LXXXVIII. Ed Sheeran
ed sheeran, ed, and singer image
LXXXIX. Sulumbek Dulatov
boy, guy, and Hot image
XC. Daniel Radcliffe
harry potter, daniel radcliffe, and hogwarts image
XCI. Tom Felton
tom felton, harry potter, and draco malfoy image
XCII. Robert Pattinson
robert pattinson image
XCIII. Avan Jogia
avan jogia image
XCIV. Pierson Fodé
pierson fode image
XCV. Nick Robinson
Temporarily removed
XCVI. Ivan Vuckovic
boy, carefree, and hair image
XCVII. Wesley Tucker
Image removed
XCVIII. Austin Mahone
beautiful, beauty, and boys image
XCIX. Edoardo Angela
blue eyes, boy, and boyfriend image
C. Gregg Sulkin
gregg sulkin image

They are not positioned by order, except Shawn Mendes, he deserves number one

That's it for today's article, I hope you liked and enjoyed!

À bientôt -XV

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