Loving him was hard, getting over him was worse.
I spent my whole life building up my walls to defend myself from the pain others brought when they entered my life.
He made me feel warm and sheltered so I broke down my walls and placed my happiness in him.
I wanted us to work, for the first time in my life, I wanted to give the word "us" a meaning.
It failed me like everything else, but I learned to love, and I guess that was the real prize in this life lesson.
I learned to break down my walls because the only purpose they served was to keep me from feeling emotions every person deserves to feel.
I'm upset, I'm angry, and I'm in my right to feel these emotions, but I'll forgive, eventually.
I still love him, not in that way anymore, but in a way where something greater was gained, and for that, I love him wholeheartedly.