these are 15 activities that will make autumn even more wonderful than it already is!

1. take pictures with changing leaves

autumn, brown, and inspo image

2. go to a pumpkin patch

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4. bake an apple pie

caramel apple pie image

5. watch When Harry Met Sally

Image by KC

6. find a cute winter jacket

girl, friends, and fashion image

7. wear a pinterest outfit

Image by Karol Trindade

8. make apple cider

autumn, Cinnamon, and FRUiTS image

9. cuddle by a bonfire

autumn, fall, and cozy image

10. make granola

breakfast, chocolate, and granola image

11. buy a fall-scented bath & body works candle

candle, autumn, and fall image

12. jump in a leaf pile

autumn, beautiful, and fall image

13. go to an antique store

vintage, bike, and old image

14. drink a PSL

autumn, fall, and starbucks image

15. eat a caramel apple

autumn, apple, and fall image

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