“You two have a good night? I don’t know I’ve ever seen you run so fast, Kade! You carried Scarlet upstairs as quick as you could,” Carter scooped a piece of chicken into his mouth and grinned. 

I blushed before picking up my knife and chucking it towards him. He dodged and the knife dug into the side of the wall. I knew I wouldn’t hit him, but it would get a point across.

“Oh we had a great night. You know That’s my shirt she is wearing?” Kade smirked and I glared at him. 

Adam sat quietly and looked at me occasionally. I felt bad. The night was a blur but I remember teasing him and dancing on him. 

“Ohhh I love a drunk night of screwing,” Carter laughed and I frowned.

“We didn’t do that.”

Suddenly Adam stood up. “I’m leaving.” 

“Wait. You and I need to talk,” Kade ordered and Adam grimaced. I pushed my chair back so I could go with them, but Kade shook his head.

“No. You stay here.” 

I nodded slowly and sat back down. I would have to apologize to Adam later.

“You didn’t have to say things like that.” I hissed at Carter and he rolled his eyes. 

“And you didn’t have to slut around.” 

Yaelle giggled at Carter’s response and I glared at her. I kept quiet and finished eating before I got up and went upstairs to my room. 


It had been a week since the party. Adam was officially avoiding me and Kade was his usual self. He would give any reason he could for me to sleep in his room. “I’ll let you watch a movie” or “your room is a fire hazard” or “your room is invested with termites” and my favorite “I need to protect you, there might be scary vampires around.”

During the day I would sit in my room and read. Kade would go to work and return later that night. It led to lonely days and banter filled nights. I missed my real room and my brother so much. I didn’t mind living with them, I actually quite liked it, but I missed Riley. Carter was a lot like him, but it wasn’t the same. 

One night I walked into Kade’s room after I had showered. He was lying on his bed sketching something. I peered at it and stood shocked. It was beautiful.

“I didn’t know you could draw.”

“I can do lots of things you don’t know about. What me to show you some of my special talents?” He grinned and I nudged his arm. 


“You took it there.” 

I lay down next to him and looked at the drawing. There on the paper was a simple flower drawn in charcoal. 

“It’s beautiful. Do you have more drawing?” I asked and he nodded. 

“I actually designed a lot of my tattoos. Of course I didn’t put them on myself but they are my designs.”

I was actually impressed. Yet another thing I wouldn’t have guessed about him.

“So why did you come in here?” Kade set down the charcoal and looked towards me. He saw right through me.

“You always want me to come in here so I figured why fight you for it,” I mumbled and he shook his head.

“Nope. Lies. what do you want?” 

“I wanted to ask you a favor.” 

“You can ask all you want but it doesn’t mean I’ll comply,” he shrugged and turned back to his drawing. 

“Never mind. It was stupid,” I sighed frustrated and moved out of the bed. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. I winced slightly and stood still. 

“Tell me,” Kade voice was strong, like a parent bossing around a child. 

“Fine. I miss my brother and it would really mean a lot if you could let me take me him. Just for a little bit on your phone.” Kade watched me without breaking his gaze. His face was emotionless.

“What do I get out of this?”

“My love and affection. Please?”

He thought for a moment before speaking. 

“There is a job you can help me do. I let you talk to him and you go with me.” He looked away and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He dangled it in front of me and I watched it. 

“What kind of job?”

“Just agree.”

“It’s not prostitution is it?” 

Kade laughed. “No. Only person you’d have sex with ever is me. And I won’t have to pay you.” 

I sighed frustrated before nodding. He smiled slightly. 

“Good girl.” He dropped the phone and it landed it my hands. 

“You have ten minutes.”


I listened to the dial tone and my heart pounded. I prayed that Riley would be at home. That he wasn’t asleep. That he was alive. 

After seven rings the call picked up. “Hello?”

My heart skipped a beat and emotions flooded me. 

“Riley!” I yelled into the phone. I could hear him gasp on the other line.

“Scarlet? Is that you? Where the fuck are you? What happened to you?” I could feel tears running down my face.

“It is me. A lot has happened. I’m with a friend.” 

“Well Isn’t that fucking great. Were you ever planning on introducing me to your friend? I can’t believe you just ran off. We thought you were dead. We looked everywhere. Grams looked everywhere.” I wiped tears off my eyes.

“I didn’t run off. I was kidnapped by a vampire and sold into slavery.” I whispered. Kade was sitting beside me and he shook his head.

“I wouldn’t call this slavery.” He mumbled and I shot him a glare. 

“When are you coming home?” Riley asked in a quiet voice. 

“I don’t know, Lee. I just don’t. Where is Grams? Can you let me talk to her?”

“Scarlet... Grams died. She went looking for you one night a couple months ago. A vampire ripped her to shreds.” 

My heart dropped completely and I let out a cry. She had died looking for me. The woman who had kicked me out. 

“She never meant what she said to you. She blamed herself.” 

I didn’t respond and continued to cry quietly. 

I calmed myself down and spoke to him about normal things. How was school. Were his grades good. Did he have a new girlfriend. Where was he living now that our vampire slaying grandmother was killed by her prey. 

“I’m just at the house. It’s quiet but I’m used to it by now. There is money for bills, but I’ll have to get a job soon. Alec stops by and gives me money every once in awhile.” 

I froze and my body heated up. Alec was still around, invading my life. He was there protecting my brother when I was unable to. 

Kade tapped my shoulder and pointed at the clock. It had been an hour. 

“Fine, Kade.” I spoke out loud without knowing. 

“Who are you talking to?” Riley asked.

“My friend. I have to go, but I’ll try to talk to you soon. I love you, Lee.” 

“I love you too. Stay safe.” 

The call ended and I stood up and walked to the window. I starred out, lost in my head. I could have almost forgotten my life outside of Kade’s walls. 

I was his reflection in the window. He stood beside me and placed a hand on my shoulder. 

“I’m sorry about your grandmother. She was amazing,” Kade whispered and I turned to look at him. Of course he had heard-vampires could hear everything. His blue eyes met mine and I wanted to get lost in them and forget about life. 

“You knew her?”

“Of her. And she knew of me. I’m apart of an organization that keeps vampires a secret from the rest of the world. We would tip her off about a vampire and she would take care of it.” 

I remembered Adam telling me about the council. I had always wondered how she found vampires to hunt. It had been Kade, or at least people like him, the entire time. 

A realization hit me. “Did you know about me?” 

“Yes. You were as good as her. You stopped hunting suddenly and the council got worried. Your grandmother was getting too old to handle the vampires of New Orleans but you were young and a powerful force. That’s when I got Yaelle to start searching.” 

I closed my eyes and leaned against the glass. I was so confused by how much we were connected. 

“What about the slayer you used to know?” I asked and he pushed his hair back with his hand.

“Like I’ve said before, she helped me and I wanted to repay her. She died but I kept track of her ancestors. It became hard to find them all after awhile- there were so many when the new world was discovered. So I formed this organization with some other like minded people. It became an easy way to give her ancestors work while also keeping tabs. There aren’t many left of her direct blood that have kept with her traditions. Just your family in fact. I was slacking on my promise but then I saw you.” 

I starred at him and tilted my head to the side. “You had seen me?” 

He nodded slowly, unsure of what to say next. “It was maybe a year or two ago. Carter and I had gone to the city for a concert. We were headed back when I saw you outside the venue. I remember you didn’t have tattoos then and you looked almost preppy. You were with a boy that, no offense, looked like a meat head, and y’all were arguing over some useless teenage drama. I didn’t think anything of it, but then he hit you; a slap right across your face. You fell but then got up and fucking kicked him before storming away. It was so badass.” 

I grimaced remembering that night. It was right after Alec had come to town and we had started hanging out. When Jacob found out he was incredibly jealous and accused me of cheating. He hit me that night and I broke up with him two days later. 

“That is crazy,” I smiled lightly and leaned against him. He wrapped an arm around me and I buried my face in his chest. 

“I’m sorry I couldn’t protect her. I should have done a better job.” Kade whispered and a tear ran down my face. It wasn’t his fault in any way but he blamed himself.

I shook my head and lifted my face to meet. I smiled a real smile through the tears. “Don’t blame yourself. She lived longer than any slayer I had heard of.”

He smiled back at me and nodded. “Yeah I guess so. But I’m sorry anyways. About all of it.” 

I nodded and kissed him quickly. 

“Next time you want to talk to your brother, tell me and you can.” 

“Thank you, Kade.”