It all started with that smile he gave me. With his voice full of curiosity about me. How did I let him invade my mind? I already had someone who loved me and I loved back. Why did my heart falter at his sweet words? Why wasn't I able to ignore him like I had so many other guys? Maybe it was his deep cold eyes that attracted a curiosity inside me. Maybe it was the way he looked at me, with this admiration that I was an amazing girl. Many times I told him I wasn't, I'm not all that pretty or awesome.

He said, "You have such a tender heart and bright, gentle spirit."

I said, "No. My soul is dark and filled with sadness..."

Smiling he replied, "No it isn't. Stay this soft bright you, it's what makes you stand out from the other girls."

Maybe these words were the ones that wrapped around my heart. And I suddenly found myself alone with him, seduced by his warm gentle touch around my waist. His lips cold yet warm with desire against mine. Slowly but firmly pressing me against him, his body warm. But did his heart hold the same warmth? I knew his heart was cold... Yet here we were kissing and holding on to each other. The way he'd kiss me hard, it was a feeling I couldn't resist.

"Girl you're beautiful inside and out," he whispered and kissed me harder.

He left me breathless, the kind of breathless that I wouldn't have minded suffocating from. But this dreamy adventure would not last forever like my stupid self thought. But it wasn't either of our faults, society was to blame in this story. We would get hurt by others because we didn't fit in.

So it ended just like it had started. ~~